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[sticky post] 2016 EXCHANGE PROJECT: REVEALS

After two weeks of exciting, exceptional Winner fics, it's time for the 2016 EXCHANGE PROJECT to make an exit.

Thank you to each and every participant, both our returning writers and our new ones. It's your diligence, perseverance, and dedication which has made this exchange so great and so rewarding to run. Extra thanks to mitsukyu and puerilebeauty5 for stepping up to pinch hit, and to mod's volunteer helper for getting us through our first day of technical problems.

Writers, you are now free to cross-post your fics as you like. (Linking back to winnerexchange is appreciated.)

And now, on to the reveals!

REVEALSCollapse )

Immature, for pattitoo

Title: Immature
Recipient: pattitoo
Pairing: Mino/Seungyoon
Rating: PG
Warnings: mention of past bullying and weight-based teasing
Summary: Years after Minho last saw nationwide superstar Kang Seungyoon, he's hired to be his bodyguard.
Notes: To my recipient, thank you for so many cute prompts! I kind of mixed a couple of them around here so I hope this story is still to your liking ^^;

When Minho was younger, he used to get picked on in school.Collapse )

The Sharp Knife, for cyphertwo

Title: The Sharp Knife
Recipient: cyphertwo
Pairing: Seungyoon/Taehyun
Ratings: G
Warning: Some violence
Summary: Seungyoon’s reaper arrives seven days ahead of schedule.
Notes: I am somewhat emotionally constipated, so this was an interesting prompt to write. I hope you like it! (Vaguely based on the premise of the TV show ‘dead like me’)

“What’s his blood pressure? Pulse? Temperature? When was he last conscious?”Collapse )
Recipient: aruinsanity
Pairing: Seunghoon/Jinwoo
Rating: NC-17
Summary: They shared secrets; that was the cornerstone of their friendship. So, in the last month of summer before university, two weeks after Seunghoon had broken up with his third girlfriend in four years, Jinwoo told Seunghoon he was in love with him.
Notes: Dear recipient, thanks for all the great prompts!

It hadn't gone badly, Jinwoo decided, turning off the tap and leaning forward to inspect himself in the mirror.Collapse )

desire, for yassan

Title: desire
Recipient: yassan
Pairing: Taehyun/Seungyoon, hints of Taehyun/Mino
Rating: R
Summary: band!AU. Taehyun just wants to make music. ("We're gonna be great," Mino assures him.) 
Notes: Dear yassan, I very much hope that you enjoy this! <3 Thanks to my beta for everything, all the things.

At twelve years old, Taehyun decides he wants to be an idol.Collapse )

inked cities, for everyone

Title: inked cities
Recipient: everyone
Pairing or character: Seunghoon-centric, Mino/Seunghoon
Rating: PG-13
Summary: places where reality is slightly altered: tattoo studio
Notes: Firstly, many huge apologies to the mod(s) for delaying submission, time and time again! Secondly, I know my recipient said no angst so hopefully this isn't (too much) angst and this is a turn of plot you will like (even though it's quite a wild ride, I will admit). Thirdly, so much love to W for allowing me to borrow some elements of your fic (and basically ruining your beautiful AU), I really love you so much. Lastly, I hope all of you enjoy this and if you have any questions, feel free to ask (I wil answer anonymously, of course)!

The stars are out in full force tonight, drowning the slit of crescent moon with their glittering brilliance, as if in celebration of mankind’s utter defeat.Collapse )

While The Sky Burns, for alectrona19 (1/2)

Title: While the Sky Burns
Recipient: alectrona19
Pairing: Mino/Seunghoon, side!Seungyoon/Taehyun
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Mino is forced to leave the city for his safety, and along the way he meets two strangers who become unlikely travelling companions. …Or more concisely: Mutants’ Roadtrip AU
Notes: Thanks to the mods for being very, VERY patient with me and thanks to my recipient for the prompts! I took creative liberties with the one I chose, I hope you don’t mind! *crosses fingers that you’ll enjoy it at least just a little bit*

He's not a fugitive, not exactly.Collapse )

A Libertine Education, for idolkiller (1/3)

Title: A Libertine Education
Recipient: idolkiller
Pairing: established!Mino/Taehyun, Mino/Taehyun/Seungyoon, side!Jinwoo/Seunghoon
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: explicit and implied sexual situations, mature language
Summary: Never in a million years did Mino think the most satisfying sexual relationship of his life would be with his boyfriend...and their new neighbor.
Notes: Thank you to the wonderful mods for putting on this exchange, and for being so very patient with me and all my complications. To my recipient, this is probably not at all what you expected, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. This is the most difficult story I have ever written, and, in all honesty, it wouldn't have gotten done if it hadn't been for my beta reader--thank you for being amazing & holding my hand & bringing me back from the edge <3

It starts off as an idea.Collapse )